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Eyebrow Lift The Woodlands

Eyebrow Lift The WoodlandsWhat is a brow lift?

A brow lift (also known as an eyebrow lift or forehead lift) is a procedure that is performed to raise the eyebrows to a more youthful, aesthetically pleasing location.

Who benefits

Facial tissue drops as we age, including the eyebrows. A good candidate for this procedure is one whose eyebrows have descended to a lower than normal location. A brow lift can also improve wrinkles that run transversely across the forehead and also vertical lines that occur between the eyebrows.

Brow lift surgery

All medicines (prescription, over-the-counter, and herbal) that can lead to excessive post-operative bleeding are stopped two weeks before the surgery, if okay to do so from a medical standpoint. The procedure is typically done in an outpatient surgery center.

The brow lift procedure can be done in several ways and the approach will be individualized for each patient depending on their needs. Incisions can be placed in the hair of the scalp (coronal approach, used in patients with low forehead hairline), at the forehead hairline (if the patient has a high hairline), just above the eyebrow (superciliary), through an eyelid (blepharoplasty) incision, or in the temporal scalp. Some surgeons perform endoscopic (using smaller incisions with cameras) brow lifts. However, we have found that these results aren’t as good and do not last as long so we do not offer this method of brow lift.

Most times, the coronal approach is used. This will involve making an incision in the hair-bearing scalp. Muscles in the forehead and around the eyes can also be addressed at that time to improve various locations that may have significant skin wrinkling. After the dissection is performed, a small amount of hair-bearing scalp is removed, giving the final brow lift. The operation usually takes one to two and a half hours.

Post-operative care

Narcotic pain medication will be given. The client is asked to keep the head elevated as much as possible for the first few days to decrease swelling. The client is seen in the office within the first few days after the operation. Clients will shower on the first day after the brow lift procedure and should wash their hair. Some swelling and bruising may occur and will improve in two to three weeks. Sutures and/or staples are usually removed by post-operative day ten. Clients should be able to return to work in 1 week and should avoid heavy physical exertion for six weeks.

Potential Complications

Complications can include, but are not limited to, post-operative bleeding (hematoma), infections, and alopecia.


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