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Facelift The Woodlands

Facelift The WoodlandsWhat is a facelift?

A facelift, also known as a rhytidectomy, is a procedure performed in the operating room that aims to recreate a more youthful facial appearance by addressing the issues described below. This is done by moving the facial tissues to a more favorable location and typically involves the excision of some excess facial skin.

Who benefits

The ideal client for a facelift procedure is a client that has facial tissue sagging, loose/sagging/redundant/excess facial skin, loss of their youthful facial contour, jowling (drooping of the fat and skin along the jaw line), and/or facial fat compartment wasting or decent.

Facelift (rhytidectomy) surgery

If it is medically feasible, all medicines (prescription, over-the-counter, and herbal) that can lead to excessive post-operative bleeding are usually stopped two weeks before the surgery. The facelift procedure is done, either in a hospital or an outpatient surgery center.

There are many ways that facelifts are performed ranging from a skin only facelift, SMAS (superficial muscular aponeurotic system) plication facelift, SMAS excision facelift, deep plane facelift, composite facelift, extended SMAS facelift, high SMAS facelift, or sub-periosteal facelift. We prefer an extended SMAS facelift but the procedure of choice can vary from client to client.

Incisions are typically behind (retroauricular) and in front (preauricular) of the ear and up into or along the hairline. Incision placement is an individualized decision as the location of sideburns and hairline will influence the location of the incisions.

The operation usually takes from three to six hours depending on the extent of the facelift needed and whether or not other procedures are combined with the procedure. Clients will typically go home the same day but arrangements can be made for the client to stay overnight.

Post-operative care

Typically, a surgical drain will be left in place. The purpose of the drain is to drain any post-operative bleeding that may occur. A prescription for narcotic pain medication is given although clients do not usually need to use very much of it. The client is seen in the office on the day after the operation and the drain is typically removed at this time. Clients will shower on the first day after the facelift procedure. Swelling and bruising is to be expected and will usually improve in two to three weeks. Sutures are usually removed by post-operative day seven to ten. Clients should be able to return to work in one week and should avoid heavy physical exertion for six weeks.

Potential Complications

Potential complications with facelift surgery can include bleeding and wound healing problems. Other rare complications will be discussed during your one-on-one consultation.


Jeffrey G. Lind II, MD and The Lind Institute of Plastic Surgery offer high service and modern care for facelift clients in The Woodlands and Houston, Texas area.

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