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The body’s lymphatic system plays an important role in removing waste from the body, starting at the cellular level. The lymphatic system is a crucial player in your body’s ability to help ward off disease and heal from injury. When the lymphatic system is sluggish or clogged, the body retains toxins.

The gentle, palliative process of Mecano-Stimulation™ provided by the specialized LPG Endermologie® equipment softens the connective tissue that constricts both the circulatory and lymphatic systems. Both the medical community and healthcare professionals recommend that a regular schedule of mild, soothing massage treatments aids in lymphatic drainage and post-surgery healing.

It is recommended to begin a series of lymphatic massage treatments with the use of Endermologie after procedures such as (but not limited to): liposuction, abdominoplasty, cosmetic breast surgeries (i.e. breast augmentation, breast reduction, breast lift/mastopexy), facelift, necklift.


Before plastic surgery, the medical Endermologie® technique helps to prepare and soften skin tissue to maximize the success of surgery. After surgery, the treatment’s draining effect allows edema and bruises from the procedure to be reasorbed more quickly. Simultaneously, the LPG treatment stimulates the cells of the dermis (fibroblasts) to restore skin elasticity, suppleness, promote healing and quicken range of motion recovery. This treatment is natural and painless.


  • Faster recovery from plastic surgery by making lymph flow faster and stimulating the formation of new connections between lymph vessels
  • Strengthens the immune system
  • Increases overall relaxation by decreasing stress
  • Glowing, healthy-looking skin
  • Reduction of cellulite
  • Restore fluid flow
  • Stimulate collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid production
  • Stimulate natural lipolysis

These treatments considerably reduce physical signs and symptoms (such as erythema, induration, pain, muscle tensions, stiffness, soreness, etc.) so as to pave the way for a rapid return to an active life.

Evidence Based Science


As a world leader in cellular stimulation specializing in technologies for health, beauty and well-being, LPG® is now improving lives in 110 countries throughout the world. Thousands of people around the world are treated with this innovative technology.

LPG®‘s International Scientific Committee of Research (CoSIRe) is made up of renowned experts from the health, beauty, and well-being industries.

A stronghold of studies have been carried out by researchers and professional experts on such diverse topics as the usefulness of endermologie® both before and after plastic surgery and other procedures.

How It Works


LPG Endermologie® is an FDA cleared, patented, and proprietary technique of cellular stimulation through mechanical massage. It is 100% natural and effective, and targets the connective tissues of the body and face, including skin, muscle, blood and lymphatic circulation. This mechanical massage technique provides a deep tissue mobilization with use of the Cellu M6® treatment head. LPG® techniques are non-aggressive and non-invasive, with no downtime and no known side effects.

LPG® is the pioneer of advanced and patented technologies for the human body. endermologie® was the first technology worldwide to gain FDA clearance for the treatment of Cellulite. For over 30 years, LPG® has been developing non-invasive technologies for both natural beauty as well as advanced therapeutic treatments. The benefits of LPG®techniques have also been proven by over 145 reputable scientific studies.


LPG® devices have been cleared by the FDA since 1999 and comply with all international quality standards.

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