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A Brazilian butt lift (BBL) is also known as “buttock augmentation” or “buttock re-shaping”. This fat transfer procedure harvests excess fat from other areas of the body with liposuction, then transfers it to the buttocks to increase volume and shape. A Brazilian butt lift in Houston has the added benefit of slimming the area where the fat was removed (usually the abdomen, back, flanks/love handles, arms, or thighs) while augmenting the buttocks to enhance curves and to give the buttocks more projection.

Who can benefit from a Brazilian butt lift?

Volume loss in the buttocks is a normal part of aging. A Brazilian butt lift may be a good treatment option if you want to add volume to your buttocks with long-lasting results, or if you want to create a rounder, more lifted look. You will have firmer, more raised buttocks after the procedure. The added benefit of a Brazilian butt lift in Houston is that liposuction is performed in other areas of the body. This re-sculpting factor gives your body a more defined contour that will nicely compliment your enhanced buttocks.

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What can I expect with Brazilian butt lift surgery?

Our Houston butt augmentation procedure is typically performed in our on-site operating room under general anesthesia. You can expect to return home the same day. The procedure takes about three hours to complete. First, liposuction is performed to obtain the fat for transfer to the buttocks.

(See our liposuction page for details.) The harvested fat is then prepared for injection, and small incisions are placed in well-hidden areas around the buttocks. The fat is transferred through these incisions to enhance and reshape the buttocks, and the incisions are then closed.

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What is recovery like after a Brazilian butt lift?

When you wake up from your fat transfer butt lift in Houston, you will be wearing a compression garment. You will wear this garment for six weeks to help prevent fluid accumulation in the buttocks and the areas where liposuction was performed. Pain medication and an antibiotic will be prescribed prior to your procedure. Fluid leaking from liposuction incisions is normal for the first several days. You can expect some swelling, bruising, and pain, particularly in the buttocks area, but it is very manageable. You will not be allowed to sit on your buttocks for six weeks, except for using the bathroom. 

While sleeping, you will need to lie only on your  stomach.  When you need to sit, we provide you with a BBL pillow that you put underneath your upper leg (hamstring) when in the sitting position. Your first follow-up appointment will be about ten days after surgery. Sutures typically do not need to be removed as the ones used are dissolvable.  Most patients can return to light-duty work in about three to seven days. You can expect to return to full activity and exercise in six weeks after a Brazilian butt lift.

Why choose Dr. Lind for a Brazilian butt lift in Houston

  • Every procedure used at the Lind Institute of Plastic Surgery is effective and performed at the highest standard.
  • Our philosophy is, “The secret of beauty is to look natural and enhance one’s natural features.”
  • Every procedure we perform is tailored to be as unique as you are. Your buttock design will be tailored to what you want as he does not have a “one-size-fits-all” philosophy.
  • Dr. Lind has performed many BBLs during his career. It is one of the most common surgeries that he performs. It is imperative that you choose a plastic surgeon who has this kind of experience for this procedure so that you are kept safe while getting the result that you want. 


How soon will I see final results after a Brazilian butt lift?

You will see results in the buttocks immediately. Swelling in the buttocks may take several months to subside, although most of the swelling is gone by six weeks. Final results will not be apparent until six months after the procedure.

Can I have a Brazilian butt lift if I smoke?

Smokers should stop smoking six weeks before surgery, as well as six weeks after to avoid any complications with the blood supply. Also, any medications that can increase the chances of bleeding should be stopped at least two weeks before butt lift surgery, with approval from the prescribing doctor.

Why would I pay higher prices to have BBL in Houston when I can just go to Miami or fly out of the country to have it done at a fraction of the cost?

We understand that price is important to most individuals opting to have liposuction or other cosmetic surgery procedures. Dr. Lind trained in and around Miami, Florida and he is very well-educated on the plastic surgery market in this area. There are many high-volume “chop shops” in Miami that charge a fraction of the price for what you might pay for a cosmetic surgical procedure here in Houston, Texas. However, it is in these centers in Miami where most of the cosmetic surgery deaths in the United States occur due to poor training on the behalf of the surgeons. 

Also, in our practice, Dr. Lind will be performing your Brazilian butt lift himself, with only an assistant, on occasion, who might help close incisions. However, in Miami, it is very common for the surgeon to also have another surgeon or physician’s assistant, who is typically only licensed in another country doing a portion of your case. That is to say, the surgeon you signed up with does the left side, while another surgeon—without an actual Florida license—does the right side. This often times leads to very bad, disastrous, and uneven results. In these centers, it is really an assembly line and they do your procedure as fast as possible so they can move to the adjoining operating room to start the next one. They have to make their income on doing a high volume of cases, so less time and attention is spent on your case and a portion is oftentimes delegated to a non-qualified, unlicensed practitioner.

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