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What is scar revision?

Scar revision in Houston is a procedure performed to improve the appearance of a scar. It can also improve the function of a body part affected by scarring, as well as correct disfigurement caused by an injury, poor healing, or previous surgical wounds. This treatment is designed to make a scar less conspicuous, blending in better with the surrounding skin. 

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Who is a good candidate for scar revision?

Scars can form from previous surgery or trauma. They can be disfiguring and can become hypertrophic (wide and raised) or keloid (wide, raised, and extending beyond the boundaries of the wound). Scars can also widen over time. In the most severe cases, a scar can cause contracture, limiting the function of a particular body part. If you have any of these conditions, you are likely a good candidate for scar revision in Houston.

What should I expect with scar revision in Houston?

We offer a wide array of treatments for scars. Your treatment will be tailored so that the best techniques are used for your particular situation. Many scar revision procedures can be done in an office setting using only a local anesthetic such as lidocaine; however, in more severe cases, an operation may need to be performed in our state-of-the-art surgical facility. Patients will go home the same day.

  • In minor cases, a steroid injection directly into the scar or a simple excision of the scar, followed by a meticulous plastic surgery closure of the wound, can significantly improve scarring.
  • In some cases, tissue around the scar will need to be rearranged to reorient the scar or to take tension off the closure (Z-plasty).
  • Silicone sheets or tapes can be applied to wounds to help decrease the degree of scarring.
  • In scars with a reddish appearance, laser treatment can decrease redness.
  • Lasers can also be used to reduce the scarring after a new wound has been created (as from surgery).
  • In more severe cases, particularly cases in which scar contracture exists, skin grafts may be needed to treat the area.
  • On occasion, radiation therapy will be implemented after a surgical scar revision to decrease the risk of pathological post-operative scarring.

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What is recovery like after scar revision?

Post-operative care will vary from patient to patient, depending on what type of scar revision is done. In most cases, there is minimal downtime, and you can return to work the same day. More detailed instructions will be provided to you after your Houston scar revision treatment.

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Why choose Dr. Lind for scar revision?

The Lind Institute of Plastic Surgery provides high-quality care for scar revision patients in Houston and the Woodlands, Texas areas.

  • Ours is a modern, advanced practice. We use only state-of-the-art techniques that lead to true and proven results.
  • We offer a luxury setting for aesthetic surgery, as well as top-of-the-line skincare products for scar treatment, all delivered in privacy and with discretion in our location in North Houston.
  • We aim to give our patients what they want and listen to all their concerns.
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