At the Lind Institute of Plastic Surgery in Houston, we offer a non-surgical method to contour your body and address problem areas. Our treatments for cellulite reduction, toning and contouring not only lessen the appearance of cellulite, but also firm and re-shape the stomach, thighs, buttocks, and other problematic areas. You will achieve a more sculpted figure in just a few short, painless sessions.

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How does Tone & Contour work?

Our tone and contour treatments feature a proprietary technique of cellular stimulation through mechanical massage. This system comes from LPG, a pioneer in skincare and health programs, and is painless and 100% natural.  Sessions begin by dressing in a patented full-body compression suit, LPG Endermowear. This garment was custom-developed for optimal visibility during treatments, is light and breathable, and completely comfortable. Our highly trained technicians then use the LPG endermologie system to conduct a deep-tissue massage that targets the fibrous connective tissues. This non-invasive procedure not only treats and smooths cellulite but also tightens your skin and improves skin tone and circulation.

What kind of results can I expect?

While results will not be as dramatic as what is achieved with surgery, this treatment can create significant improvements in stubborn areas, including:

  • Reduction of muffin top/stubborn fatty areas
  • Decreased cellulite
  • Slender, re-shaped thighs and buttocks
  • A tighter, more toned look 

When will I start seeing results, and how long does it last?

Each tone and contour session is 35 to 45 minutes long. We often recommend a series of six to sixteen sessions, performed once or twice a week. Some people may begin to see results after as soon as three sessions. Treatment times and the amount of treatments needed will vary depending on the area or areas being treated, the condition and severity of the skin and condition, age, hormones, etc. Results can last for a few months to over a year, but we highly recommend monthly maintenance.

Why choose the Lind Institute of Plastic Surgery?

If you’re frustrated by problem areas on your body and are looking for a comfortable, painless solution with no downtime, we encourage you to consider our LPG Endermologie toning and contouring treatments. We serve the greater Houston area from our beautiful location in Houston and offer a luxurious, customized experience.

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