What is Renuvion (J-Plasma)?

Renuvion, also known as J-Plasma, combines the unique properties of helium plasma with radiofrequency (RF) energy to tighten loose skin and improve body contouring results after liposuction.  In addition to this it can be used in various cosmetic procedures, including facial rejuvenation, neck tightening, and scar revision. 

It is a minimally invasive technology that is often used in conjunction with liposuction procedures to address loose skin and to enhance body contouring results.  Liposuction is the number one procedure used to remove stubborn fat, but on its own it cannot treat the issue of loose skin that happens when we age or lose weight and that is when Renuvion comes into play, making liposuction results look so much more amazing.  This technology offers patients a safe, effective, and innovative solution for achieving smoother, tighter skin while enhancing natural contours after procedures such as high-def liposuction

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How it works:

After your liposuction procedure is complete, the Renuvion wand is inserted beneath the surface of the skin.  Under Dr. Lind's control, the device is activated delivering a combination of RF energy and helium plasma to the loose collagen network that is the primary cause of the loose skin you see on the outside.  This heats the tissue, causing the collagen fibers to contract.  The end result of this collagen contraction is that the skin is pulled down closer to the muscle.  What this means is that you get a much more youthful and contoured appearance after your liposuction procedure because your skin tightens down more than it would if you did liposuction alone. 

Who is a good candidate for Renuvion (J-Plasma)?

If you are looking to improve your body contours, enhance skin tightness, and achieve a more sculpted appearance and you have mild to moderate skin laxity in areas such as the abdomen, back, arms, thighs, or neck you are likely a great candidate for Renuvion.  At Lind Plastic Surgery, this technology is most often used in conjunction with high-def liposuction procedures to elevate your results.

Patients should be in good overall health and have realistic expectations about the results of the procedure, should be non-smokers, and should maintain a stable body fat percentage post-op.  It is important for candidates to understand that while Renuvion can offer significant improvements in skin tightness and contour, individual results may vary.  Patients must consult with Dr. Lind to determine if they are suitable candidates for the Renuvion technology based on their individual needs, goals, and medical history.

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Expected results after Renuvion (J-Plasma): 

After this treatment for skin tightening and body contouring, patients will experience gradual improvements in their skin quality and body contours over time.  These results can be obvious within days and typically improve for the next year or two as new collagen is created.  Benefits you might expect are improved skin elasticity, firmer and tighter skin, smoother more youthful looking skin, a more sculpted appearance, improved skin texture and a more uniform look overall. Long lasting results are expected as long as you maintain a healthy and active lifestyle while maintaining a stable body fat percentage.  

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How long do the results last?

With the use of Renuvion (J-Plasma) you can obtain long-lasting results since it contracts the soft tissues and starts the lengthy process of neocollagenesis (creation of new collagen).  It only takes one treatment and results can be seen as soon as days or weeks, and the results will continue to improve while your body heals after surgery.  

Recovery after Renuvion (J-Plasma): 

At Lind Plastic Surgery, Renuvion is most commonly combined with liposuction procedures.  Adding Renuvion to your procedure does not add any significant changes in your recovery as you will be following the post-op instructions that all liposuction patients follow.  This typically includes a compression garment (Faja) and lymphatic massages.  

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Can Renuvion be combined with other procedures?

Yes, the Renuvion (J-PLASMA) treatment can be combined with other procedures to achieve comprehensive rejuvenation and body contouring results. Combining Renuvion with complementary treatments or surgical procedures can address multiple aesthetic concerns and enhance the overall outcome for patients.  From adding it to simple liposuction procedures to more complex mommy makeover procedures it is a procedure that takes your results to the next level.  Getting #litbylind often times will require Renuvion to get you there!  

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