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Renew Your Skin: SkinCeuticals Chemical Peels

Chemical peels are cosmetic treatments that use different types of chemical solutions to remove dead or damaged skin cells to reveal a refreshed and rejuvenated complexion. There are three levels of chemical peels based on the layer of skin that needs to be addressed: superficial, medium, and deep. We offer a variety of SkinCeuticals® chemical peels to address each patient’s unique skin concerns and lifestyle. We offer peels that are zero-downtime and have no peeling, to deeper peels with visible and significant shedding or peeling of the skin. 

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What are chemical peels?

Chemical peels are treatments that are often used on the face, hands, and neck to address multiple skin conditions from dull, tired, and uneven skin to mild scars, wrinkles, and age spots. During a chemical peel, the top layers of skin are affected to reveal fresh, healthy skin for a more youthful appearance. The level of chemical peel will be selected to match the skin condition that needs to be resolved. 

What can I expect from a chemical peel?

At the Lind Institute of Plastic Surgery, Dr. Lind’s team of expert aestheticians will consult with you on your expectations and desired results to determine the best treatment plan. During your chemical peel, your skincare specialist will apply the chemical solution that was pre-selected during your consultation. 

We may use a fan or cold air blower/chiller to help alleviate any discomfort. Based on your choice of chemical peel, you may feel a slight stinging/tingle or sunburn-like feel. You may also receive a neutralizing solution following your treatment or a cold compress to help with discomfort. 

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How much recovery time will I need from a chemical peel?

Many of our chemical peels have no downtime. Some peels might have about one week of visible skin exfoliation. The amount of downtime can vary person to person depending on multiple factors. 

It is recommended for a patient to talk with one of our skincare professionals about how to properly prep the skin before a peel or series of peels to help achieve the best results. 

Why choose us?

At the Lind Institute of Plastic Surgery, all procedures are performed under the guidance and direction of our double board-certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Jeffrey Lind. He is a perfectionist who is dedicated to achieving excellent outcomes, both in plastic surgery and in his private, luxury medspa. We invite you to discover Houston’s most exquisite medspa in The Woodlands — the perfect choice for discerning patients. 

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