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Enhance Intimacy: Cliovana™ Treatments for Women

Sexual pleasure and satisfaction is a key part of a woman’s connection to her partner and overall well-being. If you’re struggling with arousal or lubrication, Cliovana™ treatments are an excellent option for you. 

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What is Cliovana?

Specifically designed to enhance a woman’s sexual pleasure, Cliovana enhances arousal, sensitivity, and orgasm quality using sound wave technology. Treatments are simple and painless, with no needles, probes, heat, risk, or downtime. This sound wave technology is 100% exterior, and the results last indefinitely.

Learn About Cliovana

Learn About Cliovana | A New Technology to Improve Female Sexual Health

Key benefits of Cliovana

  • Increased libido
  • Enhanced lubrication
  • Shorter arousal time
  • Improved orgasm quality
  • More sensitivity of vaginal tissue
  • Overall enhanced well-being

Health benefits

Improved sexual health leads to overall well-being. This includes lower blood pressure, improved immunity responses, less stress, better sleep, and decreased depression.

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Cliovana Patient Testimonial

Cliovana | Patient Testimonial

Cliovana treatment details

Cliovana is a three-step treatment that requires four sessions: two the first week, and two the following week. Each session takes about ten minutes. Patients love that this treatment is completely external and highly effective. 

The three steps of Cliovana include:

Step 1: Cupping 

Gentle cupping will be performed to bring blood vessels and vascularity to the surface of the clitoral area. The cupping device pulls on the vaginal tissue very mildly. Patients report that it feels like light tapping.

Step 2: Soundwave technology

An applicator administers the soundwaves, providing vascularity and innervation to the clitoral area. This helps increase blood flow generation and nerve cell proliferation. This portion of the treatment lasts about three minutes, and feels like tingling. 

Step 3: Vibration and soundwaves 

For step three, a different device will be used for about two or three minutes to calm the area and enhance results.

Most Cliovana patients are happy to report immediately noticeable changes, including increased sensitivity and lubrication. Results from Cliovana are long-lasting and highly satisfying. 

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Why choose the Lind Institute of Plastic Surgery?

33% of women state they have difficulty achieving orgasm, or not at all. Don’t be one of these women.

Our exclusive, luxury clinic has long been the choice for discerning patients throughout the Houston area. We will help you with this very important and private treatment, getting you on your way to a happier sexual life. To learn more about Cliovana, contact us today. 

Is Cliovana right for you? 

Cliovana is a great option for women of any age who are having trouble with lubrication, arousal, and/or would like to experience better sex.. Many post-menopausal women find that they don’t have sensitive vaginal tissue anymore, which often means delayed and/or weak orgasms. Cliovana improves sensitivity of the vaginal tissue, helping women achieve a shorter arousal time and much better orgasms.

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