3D microblading has become one of the most popular treatments to improve the appearance of the eyebrows and enhance overall facial appearance. 3D microblading is also known as “micropigmentation”, “microstroke”, “microblade”, “hair stroke”, “3D hair stroke”, “eyebrow feathering”, “feather touch”, “nano needling”, “HD brows”, “micro-stroking”, “eyebrow embroidery”, “brow resurrection”, and "cosmetic tattooing". This procedure is a cutting-edge technique that achieves the illusion of fuller, more defined eyebrows by creating brow-like strokes with fine deposits of semi-permanent pigment.

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What is 3D microblading? 

3D Microblading is a popular, semi-permanent makeup technique administered by a licensed professional. This technique is akin to tattooing, and is the manual process of placing delicate, hair-like strokes of pigment into the upper layers of skin. 3D Microblading creates the appearance of hair using fine deposits of cosmetic pigments. Each strand is drawn onto the skin individually with a custom, hand-held manual tool.

What can I expect from 3D microblading in Houston?

During your visit to the Lind Institute of Plastic Surgery in The Woodlands, you will undergo a custom eyebrow hair color match. All the pigments we use are formulated to match your skin tone and natural eyebrow hair color. We will discuss your natural eyebrow shape and the look you would like to achieve.

Once your color and shape are matched and chosen, a medical-grade topical numbing cream will be applied for your comfort. During your 3D microblading session, another numbing agent will be applied to ensure an almost painless experience. 

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Am I a good candidate for 3D microblading?

If you want to partially or fully camouflage missing or thinning eyebrow hair or simply want to achieve a fuller or more defined eyebrow, 3D microblading can be an excellent option for you. If you have been affected by alopecia, trichotillomania, or any other condition that causes hair loss, you may also greatly benefit from this procedure. 3D microblading achieves beautiful results and enhances the overall facial appearance, as lusher brows will draw attention to your eyes. 

How long do 3D microblading results last?

The results of 3D microblading typically last about six to twelve months, or longer in some cases. The length of the outcome will depend on your skin type, skin condition, and lifestyle. Once the pigment fades, your skin and natural brows will return to their appearance before your 3D microblading treatment. For continued results, we recommend a touch-up about every three to six months, although some patients can go up to 12 months before a touch-up. The results of 3D microblading are very natural due to the artistry of our technician in simulating individual hairs.

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Why should I choose Dr. Lind for 3D microblading?

At the Lind Institute of Plastic Surgery, Dr. Lind and his highly-trained 3D Microblading expert aim to provide the most exclusive, luxury medspa experience in the Houston area. Our Woodlands-based medspa offers a world-class environment where you can enjoy the best in facial treatments and skincare. 

Dr. Lind and his highly trained 3D microblading expert aim to provide the most exclusive, luxury medspa experience in the Houston area. Our Woodlands-based medspa offers a world-class environment where you can enjoy the best in facial treatments and skincare. 

We use supreme quality, sterile, medical-grade pigments. Our medical-quality pigments have a luxurious and creamy consistency. They contain only pure, safe and non-irritant colorants, are highly concentrated, Vegan, cruelty-free, and never tested on animals.

With a mission to deliver the most natural-appearing results, double board-certified Dr. Lind and his skilled team provide a range of customized treatments. Exceptionally skilled in the art of facial aesthetics, Dr. Lind and his team can help guide you through your customized 3D Microblading session to make sure you achieve the most attractive, natural brow color and shape, and results that truly enhance your look.

If you are looking for options for the eyes and lips, visit our permanent makeup page.

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Henna brows

Henna is a natural brown dye derived from the dried leaves of the henna plant. Henna stains only the top layers of your skin, after which it slowly exfoliates. Henna is extremely safe and has been used for thousands of years for body art. Henna can be applied to create a temporary eyebrow tattoo, enhancing your look. The henna product we use has no ammonia and does not require chemicals to activate. The enhanced look to your brows will remain on your skin for about two weeks, subtly creating the appearance of thicker brows, and on the brow hairs for up to six weeks.  

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