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Scar Revisions The Woodlands

Scar Revisions The WoodlandsWhat Is Scar Revision?

A scar revision surgery or procedure is performed in order to improve the appearance of a scar or to improve the function of a body part that is affected by scarring.

Who Benefits From Scar Revision Surgery

Scars can be formed from previous surgery or trauma. Sometimes, scars can be disfiguring and can become hypertrophic (wide, raised) scars or keloid (wide, raised extending beyond the boundaries of the wound) scars. Scars can also become wide over time. Lastly, in most severe cases, some scars can cause contracture that limits the function of a particular body part. Any of these conditions can be treated with scar revision surgery or adjunct treatments.

Scar Revision Surgery

In minor cases, a steroid injection directly into the scar or a simple excision of the scar followed by a meticulous plastic surgery closure of the wound can greatly improve the scar. Sometimes, tissue around the scar will need to be rearranged to reorient the scar or to take tension off of the closure (i.e. Z-plasty). There are also silicone sheets or tapes that can be applied to wounds that can help decrease the degree of scarring. In scars that have a reddish appearance, lasers can be used to decrease the amount of redness. Lasers can also be used to reduce the amount of scarring after a new wound has been created (i.e. from surgery). In more severe cases, especially in cases where there is scar contracture, skin grafts may be needed to treat the area. On occasion, radiation therapy will be implemented after a surgical scar revision to decrease the risk of pathologic post-operative scarring.

A large number of scar revision procedures can be done in an office setting using only local anesthetic (i.e. lidocaine). However, in more severe cases, the operation may need to be done in a hospital. Clients will almost always go home the same day.

Scar Revision Post-Operative Care

Post-operative care will vary from client to client depending on what kind of scar revision is done. In most cases, there is very little downtime and you can most often return to work the same day. Very specific instructions will be given for your particular circumstance.

Potential Complications From Scar Revision Surgery

Potential complications can include bleeding, infection, and wound breakdown. Also, bad scarring can recur especially in instances where the scar being treated is a keloid scar.

Jeffrey G. Lind II, MD and The Lind Institute of Plastic Surgery provide high quality care for scar revision clients in The Woodlands and Houston, Texas area.

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